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Located in Portland, Oregon, managemymarket.com offers a proven solution that eliminates paperwork, streamlines all your management tasks, and includes unique features for helping to grow and sustain your market.

managemymarket's first incarnation came about back in 2003, when a board member of the local farmers market mentioned that the staff was overwhelmed with paperwork. Working with local directors and market managers, we created an online vendor registration process, a utility for assigning stalls, and a few backend tools like bulk email and Excel exports.

By 2008, as the number of farmers markets began to soar, managemymarket.com was born. We now assist markets in more than 30 states and Canada, and remain dedicated to listening to our community of users and to offering a fairly-priced product for organizations large and small.

Get Organized.

Everything you need to efficiently manage your market in one secure place. Accessible anywhere, any time.

Get Busy.

Approve vendors, assign stalls, enter sales and payments, send invoices, track licenses, send emails, and run reports.

Get A Break.

Put our great tools on your website and dazzle your site visitors with vendor lists, product search, and interactive market maps.

Online Vendor Management

  • All vendor data (profile, answers to custom questions, market dates, products, uploaded documents, activity log) is organized in one secure and easy-to-use place
  • Managers are notified by email when vendors apply to their market
  • After vendor information is reviewed by the manager, vendors are approved, declined or wait-listed, and may be notified by email of their status
  • managers have complete control over their market application, specifying which vendor types are permitted, which payment plans are available, any custom questions vendors must answer, which messages they would like displayed to vendors before and after application
"I have LOVED Manage My Market so far. The application process has been wonderful. I want to use every feature you offer. :) We are really happy with the program and the customer service. Thank you so much for everything!"
Lisa Duplessie, Capital City Public Market


"managemymarket really saves me time. Application processing is much faster. It would take me 2 hours or more to process our old paper applications. I now spend about 20 minutes. It's very nice to have everything in one place and online for both me and my vendors. Rescheduling dates is so much easier."
Eamon Molloy, Hillsdale Farmers Market and Portland Neighborhood Markets


"Managemymarket.com is all about saving me time - eliminating the manual tracking of vendor information, making it easy to communicate with my vendors via e-mail either individually or collectively, and sorting through data to provide the market with important reports. The vendor registration process used to mean hours of stuffing envelopes, making copies, running address labels, stamping packets…now it happens in the click of a mouse. I am able to manage a lot of data in one central and secure location. It is a tool I use every day and couldn’t live without."
Ginger Rapport, Beaverton Farmers Market


"Without managemymarket, we would never have been able to open a new market in a new location in such a short period of time."
Jaret Foster, Portland Farmers Market


"managemymarket has saved me tons of work and added new dimensions to my market. Their reports make all of my data downloadable, and the Interactive Market Map allows me to make last minute changes on my administrative sheet.. and my website map of where vendors are each day and a description of their business automatically updates. It’s a neat perk to a whole slew of other benefits!"
Eecole Copen, OHSU Farmers Market



Market managers, contact us for more information on getting started!